Food is Medicine For the Diabetic

Hippocrates of Cos, an ancient Greek physician that’s thought to be the daddy of drugs, is famous for saying: “Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food.” This ancient wisdom is really a deceptively simple statement which includes profound meaning. We have a tendency to associate food with personal pleasure, festivities, and socializing. We treat food like a way to obtain entertainment and should be to great lengths to pleasure our palate with the favorite foods. Through this process, we very often forget how the food we consume is actually just organic chemicals. When we eat, food interacts chemically with this bodies at the two cellular and molecular level. This is why meals are medicine, at least it has the opportunity being if we take in the right foods.

Let’s boil our feeding habits into the underlying basics. Food is consisting of organic chemicals. Our bodies are made from organic chemicals. When chemicals combine, they react with the other person. When chemicals from the food we eat match chemicals within our bodies, they react like all other chemicals would do.

Glucose metabolism is often a good example of the complicated chemical reaction that can place between your chemicals in the food we eat and the chemicals in our bodies. A malfunction can happen at any point in glucose metabolism. If the chemicals within our cell membranes don’t react properly with insulin, caffeine inside our bodies responsible for helping our cells accept glucose from our food, we develop what we should call diabetes. As a result, each and every the nutrients from my food enter our cells properly and we receive an rise in blood glucose as a symptom given it isn’t being used up by our cells properly.

Food has the capacity to make radical changes in your physical bodies. This can be both bad and good, determined by that which you eat. Food can affect our brain functioning, our mood, how well we presume, how well we can recall stored memories, our propensity to formulate cancerous tumors, and just how well our cell membranes reply to insulin. After all, meals are just organic chemicals that people placed into our bodies every day. We start chemical reactions inside our bodies each time we eat.

Unfortunately, food science in not taught in school of medicine. Moreover, study regarding nutrition just isn’t stressed in required coursework. The focus of recent drugs are on pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. The focus is just not around the effect of food on our systems. Things are starting out change in this regard however it is “slow as molasses” since the phrase goes.

You can think of food as extremely powerful chemicals which may have the opportunity to reverse serious illnesses such as diabetes. In this sense, meals are medicine. It really is that simple. However, it’s also wise to understand that food can poison one’s body if you eat the wrong food, particularly if achieve this on a continual basis on the long period of time.

When I was clinically determined to have diabetes, my doctor immediately started discussing the various medications he could give me and how those medications might combine and interact. He then asked a nurse to talk with me about how to test my blood glucose levels. Neither of which spoken with me about diet! Almost as an afterthought, the nurse did mention there are some free “diabetes nutrition classes” on the hospital I might want to consider taking. That’s it. That is all that was said regarding food from my primary health care givers.

Modern drugs are miraculous in some ways but both doctors and patients alike could learn from your ancient wisdom of Hippocrates. If you or maybe your cherished one has diabetes, it is very important for you to become pro-active in your own health care. For many people, it is possible to reverse diabetes to eat the best food. In fact, this may happen in an extremely almost no time – just a couple weeks to a few months.

Please note that I am not advocating for any person with diabetes to halt seeing their doctor. What I am saying is powerful weight loss products doesn’t need all the answers where there are a few very effective things you can do as well as going to your doctor.

I know from my own desire and from what I’ve seen with close members of the family and friends that food plays a critical role, perhaps the most significant role, as to what happens after you are informed they have diabetes. You can use food as medicine to reverse or at least take control of your diabetes. Alternately, you can poison your system with the incorrect food and earn your diabetes worse.

Please i want to take this opportunity to deliver my fellow diabetics and their household my own message building on Hippocrates’ philosophy:

“Let food be thy medicine, not thy poison.”