Which Foods Should Type 2 Diabetics Eat and Which Ones Should They Avoid?

Ask any diabetic which foods are against the rules and they also won’t hesitate to rattle off many desserts, sweets, and other sugary foods. But are these “conventional wisdom” foods truly the sugar-spiking villains they’re thought to be?

If you are like many people with type 2 diabetes, you likely wonder whenever you enter any local grocery store,¬†which foods you must stay away from? which foods you must eat sparingly? which foods you’ll be able to visit town on?

Which Foods to Eat and Which Foods to Avoid?

1. Processed sugar and quite a few artificial sweeteners are the few foods that may confidently have the “banned” stamp for most type 2 diabetics’ diets. Chocolate is acceptable now and then providing it has a lot of cocoa… at least 70%.

2. Fruit, because they are pleasantly sweet, get a bad rap with lots of diabetics. While high-carbohydrate fruits like bananas are and not on this list of forbidden food, they will be eaten only in small amounts whose total carbohydrates add up to 15 grams or less. Other fruits such as avocados are lower in carbohydrates, which enable it to be eaten in correspondingly larger amounts.

3. Juice and soda are two major culprits in raising your blood sugar level. Fruit juice contains a great deal more sugars compared to the fruits it comes from… it’s merely a concentrated way of their most sugary parts with loads of sugar and HFCS added for good measure, plus the fiber is removed inside the juicing process.

4. HFCS deserves its own mention due to the fact that piles of scientific studies show that it actually worsens insulin resistance… let alone the fact that it is pure, unadulterated sugar!

Foods with HFCS, like yogurt, may surprise you, and don’t forget becoming a label sleuth to pinpoint foods in your daily diet that deftly hide HFCS.

It may be challenging to wave goodbye for some of your favorite foods, but if you’re truly dedicated to an existence free of the clutches of diabetes, doing it dessert can be a small price to pay.