Diabetic Diet – Foods Shown to Help Regulate Blood Sugar

It is hard being someone with diabetes, especially not being able to enjoy sweet things. People with diabetes need to cut down on certain food and consume foods which can be great at regulating glucose levels. Many foods have been proved to get best for diabetics. I have taken notice of several of these reports, and I think it’s true: foods do help regulate one’s blood sugar levels. Here is a report on a few foods that I be familiar with are friendly to people with diabetes.


Various sources have reported that cinnamon can help reduce blood sugars. I find that this is valid, and I often put cinnamon on my own foods (given it also tastes good!) Interestingly, an ingredient called MHCP is said to reduce sugar levels in similarily that insulin does.


I strongly prefer green tea herb, and lots of reports have emerge recently who have praised green tea. Reports make sure black teas also can lower blood sugar levels. I have been drinking more tea, and I can confirm that I have seen mild reductions in insulin needs (though they aren’t substantial).

Ginko Biloba

This isn’t a food, but I have found that taking Ginko Biloba supplements can substantially lower my blood sugar and lower my insulin needs. I have read that people who have Type 2 Diabetes can see substantial gains from consuming Ginko Biloba on a daily basis.


A study has recently shown that cherries may help reduce insulin needs minimizing blood sugars. I have realized that, typically, berries are incredibly healthy for all people as well as people with diabetes especially. I love blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries, and I have realized why these berries tend not to raise my blood glucose levels quickly or substantially.


A study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that vinegar could lower sugar levels for people who don’t have diabetes. More research needs to become done, however, to find out if the same results can be seen in those with diabetes. I usually do not consume a lot of vinegar, but I am now interested to ascertain if it lets you do reduce my insulin needs for the meal.


Alcohol can lower one’s blood glucose levels. I believe, however, that alcohol should only be consumed in extreme moderation. I feel that this potential negative impacts of consuming alcohol (most being in connection with addiction and/or excessive consumption) far outweigh the advantages. Because it is so hard to are drinking alcohol without excess (from those that I have seen), I strongly advise to not start drinking simply in order to reduce your blood sugar.

You should remember that eating simply because just isn’t enough, exercises are critical to avoiding diabetes or reducing the complications of diabetes. In addition, eating simply because will give you the most benefit if portion of a well-balanced diet.