Type 2 Diabetes – The Best Diabetic Snack Foods

Although medications to help Type 2 diabetics control their blood glucose levels have improved, hypoglycemia remains to be a common condition in people who have diabetes. Snacking usually minimizes this problem from occurring because it helps you to control the intake of carbohydrates during the day.

The right snacks can also help maintain blood glucose from going too high. Having healthy snacks readily available will give you the thing you need, when you need it.

1. Popcorn. Probably considered the greatest in snack foods, popcorn is a great choice, as long as you don’t spoil things by loading it with salt and butter. Instead, work with a healthy butter powder for flavoring. Want to go an additional healthy step further? Sprinkle it with a little cinnamon.

2. Cheese sticks. These are great… not just as they are an easy task to eat in addition they provide an additional helping of calcium. They also appeal to children and grown ups alike… even non-diabetics who simply want a snack.

3. Cereal. Not all cereals are loaded with unhealthy ingredients. Some actually carry great nutritional values without every one of the added junk. Choose wisely and you will probably definitely reap the benefits.

4. Snacking vegetables with dip. Think vegetables are just possible you can eat being a main dish? Think again. Broccoli, baby carrots, celery and cherry tomatoes are a couple of the tasty veggies you are able to snack on employing a favorable, diabetes-friendly dip, of course.

5. Snacking fruit with dip. Another undertake snacking. Melons, apples, pears, peaches, blueberries and cherries are great snack choices. Each one features a quite a bit of benefits on your system, from vitamin supplements to anti-inflammatory properties and cancer-fighting antioxidants.

6. Apples. Want the healthy great things about apples with no mess of applesauce? Then go while using original packaging. Just remember to nibble on the skin as this is where the most nutrients and vitamins comes from.

7. Snack/protein bars. This may be a tricky area because of the high sugar and caloric values of some brands, but when you choose carefully and study labels, protein bars might be just what exactly you need to eat while on a busy schedule. And they don’t require refrigeration!

8. Trail mix. This isn’t your standard variety present in stores. It’s a customized recipe. Instead of using marshmallows, chocolate candy and chocolate chips, this blend uses healthier options.